Why Tacos?

At the begining, a Taiwanese founder opened a coffee shop selling Taiwanese food (like Gua-Bao or Egg rolls). Unfortunately, it didn’t succeed because of location problems and the fact that no one knows about Taiwanese food.

Accidentally, she came up with a new idea about tacos filled inside by Gua-Bao beause everyone knows about tacos.

Firstly, it looked like this:

Original Gua-Bao Taco

She asked her housemate, who is a chef at a 5 star resort, to taste it. He said it’s too salty, and that I should put something to refresh the flavor. That is the idea of wasabi coleslaw and yogurt salsa. It looked like this:

Wasabi coleslaw and yogurt salsa

In Vietnam, there are not many rules if you just do something small. Everyone can do an own business as long as you have an idea and actually do it. 

Afterward, she kept up with another chance to selling food again by opening a small shop on the sidewalk. 

That is the Taco NGON story.

PS: ‘ngon’ means ‘delicious’ in Vietnamese.

Now, in Da Nang, the menu looks this: 

*In Hoian, each Taco is 45K because of 8 million reasons 😀