Elin tried to make different flavor for every Tuesday, never repeat. When Elin have return her hometown, we must try a lot together in order to maintain Taco Tuesday. We were worry when we imagine that everything will be worse. However, we are young and “You can win if you want, if you want it you will win”. So, we try our best to do it. Fortunately, people allowed it. So happy 😊

From 2015 July till now, Taco Tuesday is a challenge for us, we enjoy it. Sometimes we have no idea what we gonna make until Tuesday morning.

In several time, we repeat some we already made because people want to eat it again or we were lazy :P. Anyway, here is the taco special made by heart at Taco NGON every Tuesday:

Updating… and you can visit our instagram tacongon to meet our tacos every Tuesday and Saturday (Veggies Taco Saturday for vegetarians)

February 13 2018: 🐽 Salted Pork Leg Taco

February 6 2018: 🦑Fried Cuttlefish 🍍Pineapple Sauce Taco.

January 30 2018: ⚽ congratulations on U23 Vietnam, we serve special named U23 Tacos 🌮- Fried Snail with Chilli & Lemon Grass Tacos

January 23 2018: 🥗 Minced Beef Salsa tacos 🌮 with Lettuce.

January 16 2018: 🍗 Curried Coconut Chicken tacos 🌮 with BBQ sauce

January 9 2018: 🐽 Fried Pork Butter tacos 🌮 with green chili mayonaise sauce. 🍟 This special comes with garlic butter potato, sweet potato.

January 2 2018: 🥑 Guacamole 🍤 Grilled Shrimp 🌮 tacos

December 26 2017: 🐠 Fish Mango Salsa. 💞 All tacos was made of handmade tortilla and fresh ingredients. 🎉
Come along, enjoy tacos and get fun 😋

🥑 Guacamole 🍤 Grilled Shrimp 🌮 tacos


January 2 2018: 🥑 Guacamole 🍤 Grilled Shrimp 🌮 tacos coming with coriander, okra and bell pepper. 
💖Hope this fusion will make you enjoy new taste and begin new year excitiedly. 🎊 Come along, enjoy tacos and get fun.🎉 Happy New Year 😋

Fish Mango Salsa

December 19 2017: 🌵This cool Taco Tuesday, 🌲 we serve Butter Chicken Salad Taco come with lettuce, passion, pineapple and corn. 🌮 Hope these yellow ingredients bring warm winter for all Taco lovers. Come along, enjoy tacos and get fun 😋

Butter Chicken Salad Taco


December 12 2017: 🐽 Roast Pork Kimchi Taco 🌮. A humorous customer from Mexico “hate” kimchi so we think he want us to put meat pressure on kimchi like this:

December 5 2017:  🥩 Beef Soy&Tomato 🍅 Taco seved with 🍟 fried Potato.

Beef Soy Tomato Sauce with Fried Potato


November 28 2017: 🦐 Fried Shrimp Tamarind Garlic Sauce 🌮 go with 🥒 cucumber.

Fried Shrimp Tamarind Garlic Sauce with Cucumber


May 31 2016: Thai lemon Chicken

Thai Lemon Chicken


May 24 2016: Shrimp with pineapple salsa

Shrimp with pineapple salsa


May 17 2016: Chicken with Nando’s sauce

Chicken with Nando’s sauce


May 10 2016: Slow cooked beef. By Guest Chef – Bensin Chu from Taiwan

Slow cooked beef

May 3 2016: Chicken with cranberry sauce

Chicken with cranberry sauce


April 26 2016: Chicken coffee mole

Chicken coffee mole


April 19 2016: Meat ball tacos

Meat ball tacos


April 12 2016: Mexican carnitas. By Guest Chef – Shaun Stevens from USA

Mexican carnitas
By Guest Chef – Shaun Stevens from USA


April 5 2016: Coconut shrimp with passion fruit salsa


Shrimp with passion fruit salsa


March 29 2016: Lemongrass Ginger Lime Pork  By Guest Chef – Ben from OZ

Lemongrass Ginger Lime Pork
By Guest Chef – Ben from OZ


March 22 2106:  BBQ Frog By Guest Chef – Francis

BBQ Frog By Guest Chef – Francis
Chef – Francis


March 15 2016: Mango Beef Curry

Mango Beef Curry


March 8 2016: Honey Chicken

Honey Chicken


March 1 2016: Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne


February 22 2016: Chicken with Guacamole

Chicken with Guacamole


January 26 2016: Roasted Pork with Fish Sauce (Vietnamese Style)

Vietnamese Style Tacos


January 19 2016: Gua Bao Taco ( Original idea of my taco, Gua Bao from Taiwan )

Gua Bao Taco
Taiwanese Gua Bao 割包


January 12 2016: Veg Tacos (Beans, rice, potato)

Veg Tacos (Beans, rice, potato)

January 5 2016: Ma Po Tofu

Ma Po Tofu


December 29 2015: Sha Cha Beef ( Taiwanese Sate Style ) 

Al Pastor by Guest Chef – Winson from California

Al Pastor by Guest Chef – Winson from California
Guest Chef – Winson and lovely staff -Huong


December 22 2015: Crispy Shrimp

December 15 2105: Crispy Chicken with Tamarind BBQ Sauce

Crispy Chicken with Tamarind BBQ Sauce


December 8 2015: Mushroom with Pumpkin Basil

Mushroom with Pumpkin Basil


December 1 2015: Chinese Spicy Chicken

Chinese Spicy Chicken


November 24 2015: Deep Fried Fish Taco with Ginger Lime

Fish with Ginger Lime


November 17 2015: Mango Coleslaw Shrimp

Mango Coleslaw Shrimp


November 10 2015: Beer Chicken (Guest Chef – Jeffery) Guest Chef – Jeffery and his lovely kitchen hand- Tong

Beer Chicken
Guest Chef – Jeffery and his lovely kitchen hand- Tong


November 3 2015: Kimchi Beef

Kimchi Beef


October 27 2015: Roasted Duck

Roasted Duck


October 20 2015: 3-Cup Mushroom. (One cup of oil, one cup of soy sauce and one cup of sugar)

3-Cup Mushroom


October 13 2015: Pan Fried Fish Taco

Pan Fried Fish Taco


October 6 2015: Chicken Fajitas

Chicken Fajitas


August 18 2015: Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry


August 11 2015: Kimchi Pork Belly

Kimchi Pork Belly


August 4 2015: Spicy Thai Pork

Spicy Thai Pork


July 28 2015: Teriyaki Beef

Teriyaki beef


July 21 2015: Sweet Chili Chicken (looks same same, but different)

Sweet Chili Chicken


July 14 2015: First Taco Tuesday – Mango Salsa Shrimp

First Taco Tuesday- Mango Salsa shrimp


July 1st 2015: open day:

Pork wasabi & pork yogurt