There are so many little games in Taco Ngon. Since October 2015, when we reopened at 60 Chau Thi Vinh Te, we have a leaderboard for every month. Whoever eats the most tacos gets to be a King or Queen. What is benefit for King or Queen? If you are the King/Queen of the month, you will have a red Taco NGON t-shirt. The red t-shirt can only be earned. It’s not for sale. So when you wear it, people know you are the King or Queen of Taco NGON. It’s an honor.

Let’s see who is King and Queen.

King & Queen set unbelivable  record at #TacoNGON









2018 January King & Queen
In Da Nang

King Joakim from Sweden with 10 tacos & Queen Lori from AU with 7 tacos

In Hoi An

King Matt from AU with 12 tacos & Queen Harisa from AU with 5 tacos


2017 December King & Queen
In Da Nang

💘 King Mark and Queen Robin from US with 1⃣0⃣ & 6⃣ 🌮 tacos. 🎉 What an awesome listing on leader board. 🎊 They finished our 2017 with a good news and nice image like this.

2017 November King & Queen

In Hoi An

💞 King Domenico & Queen Chrissy from US with 7⃣ & 4⃣ 🌮 tacos.


2017 Novenber King & Queen

King Yuri from Russia with 18


2017 October King & Queen

King Thomas from Germany with 9⃣ 🌮 tacos
Queen Jane from US with 5⃣ 🌮 tacos


2017 September King & Queen

😇 King Benson from CN with 8⃣ 🌮 tacos


Queen Gretchen from US with 6⃣ tacos